Beard tip of the week: Spring cleaning

May 8, 2013 under Trends

Spring is near and you may be thinking that it is time for a slight trim.

To keep your full beard in line, follow these steps:
- Wash your beard thoroughly and pat dry.
- Comb your beard against the line of growth.
- Start trimming cautiously from one side, working towards the center to acheive the shape you are looking for and theĀ  switch sides.
- Tilt your head up and pinch both sides, drawing your fingers to the ends evenly to check symmetry.

Then, go post you spring beard on :)

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Music Mondays: One for the Teeny Bopper Beardos

May 6, 2013 under Music

Block out the music — listen to the message:
I knew that you were stubble…

Fake (real) Beard Friday

May 3, 2013 under Trends

Sometimes a fake beard of tea leaves or whipped cream just doesnt cut it.
If you’re in the market for a fake beard made of real hair then check these out…

Happy fake beard friday!

Fake Beard Friday: Wax to the Max

March 29, 2013 under Art, Beard Crafts, Trends

So you woke up this Friday and found yourself beardless.

There could be several reasons your face feels bare this Friday:
Perhaps you just turned eleven…
Perhaps you were born a lady…
Perhaps you lost your beard to an overzealous barber who you suspect may have harvested your beard-locks to sell on the black market to lesser men…

Don’t worry — here is a simple, low-cost, temporary beard stand-in.

- plain tea
- hair wax

Takes five to ten minutes (depending on the level of mastery you plan for this Friday’s fake beard)

Watch this video from Science Boppins to get started:

Oh yeah, then post them on to show us what you can do!

Music Monday: “Got Me a Beard” by the Beards

March 25, 2013 under Music

Life lessons about being bearded from the guys that know best: The Beards.

The Beards: Got Me a Beard

Surround yourself by bearded people.